Harden Furniture

Harden Cabinetmakers Cherry Dresser

Harden has beed handcrafting solid wood furniture and upholstery in upstate NY through five generations and over 170 years.  With sustainabilty and enviromental stewardship at the very core of their buisness, they create furniture for furture generations to enjoy. With 50 finishes available on Cherry, Oak, Ash and Walnut, and skilled craftsmen ready to handle customization and special orders you can design the furniture pieces you have pictured in your dreams.

@ Paul Rich

Harden is a company we have been proud to have on our showroom floor for many years.  Timeless pieces of such quality never go out of style and create a warmth in any room they grace.  The Pineapple Post bed from their Custom Bed Program stands in stunning display in our showroom along with several complimentary pieces from the Cabinetmaker's Cherry collection.  Please take a moment to visit their website and discover more of their story.