Mattress Care and Cleaning

Your new mattress will help create a restful sleep environment. Be sure the foundation or box spring is being properly supported by your frame; this will help keep your foundation from bowing or bending, which could affect how your mattress supports your body.

Most mattresses made today are one sided, but some companies such as Shifman still make traditional two sided styles. One sided mattresses do not need to be flipped and only occasionaly need to be rotated. Initially after purchase, flip or rotate a new mattress every few weeks to help smooth out contours. After a few months, flip or rotate your mattress twice a year to help equalize the wear and tear that normally occurs. Also remember to rotate your foundation as well.

Avoid using the handles to support the full weight of the mattress. Typically, handles are designed to help you position the mattress over the foundation. If used improperly, handles may pull out and damage the fabric.

Vacuum your mattress and foundation for general maintenance. Use a mattress pad to help keep the sleep set free from stains.