Jensen Leisure

Jensen Leisure Coral Sofa

The Jensen name has been synonymous with thoughtful design, solid craftsmanship and a high standard of customer service. With an impressive range of traditional and modern designs, and styles that have stood the test of time, Jensen offers something for every home. The Ipe timber that goes into Jensen Leisure Furniture is certified by Rainforest Alliance as 100% FSC® Pure. The glass hand finish of Jensen furniture is possible due to the dense nature of Ipe wood and the unique cross-grain sanding technique. Sanding cross-grain prevents the lifting of surface micro-fibers and preserves a smooth feel as the wood weathers out-of-doors.

@ Paul Rich

You'll find both Ipe wood and Roble collections in stock durning the summer season at Paul Rich.  The Topaz and Opal Collections have been a staff favorite for a few years   New for the 2016 season the woven Coral collection has a lot of attention, with deep seating comfort and a contemporary look. As well as the more modern Roble collection Tivoli.