Bradington Young

In their North Carolina factory, Bradington Young begins each style with a simple sketch. The frames are then engineered from the finest multi-ply, 7/8" laminated hardwood components that are precision machined for an exact fit to provide a lifetime of structural integrity. Their stationary offerings feature genuine eight-way hand tied custom coil construction that is the industry benchmark for comfort and lasting quality. Motion styles utilize rigid bar spring units that simulate the eight-way hand tied process in conjunction with premium U.S. made mechanisms for a deeply luxurious ride and years of worry-free durability. Their extensive assortment of both motion and stationary products, all available in a wide variety of fabrics and leathers as well as finish and nail options, is sure to have something to please even the most discriminating furniture shopper. Comfort has found a home at Bradington-Young.

In addition to the Classics and Envision product lines that are made in America, Bradington Young also import the Seven Seas Seating line. While produced abroad, this line is carefully overseen s and built to our design and quality specifications offering comfort and quality for every budget.