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Paul Rich & Sons, founded by Paul, his wife Betty, and their son Tom, has been a cornerstone of top-quality furniture and leaders in the design community in Pittsfield for forty years. They have brought exceptional home furnishings and design expertise to the Berkshires.

The Rich family furniture legacy goes back nearly 100 years, when Betty’s father, Isadore Secunda, started a furniture business right down the block from the current location, selling furniture and delivering goods by horse and buggy.

With years of experience and a commitment to bringing the highest quality home furnishings, personal service, and talented design expertise, they continue to proudly serve their community and customers throughout the greater Northeast.


In 1983, Betty and Tom Rich opened Paul Rich & Sons on North Street in Downtown Pittsfield, and it was the beginning of many years of exciting growth. The store started as one small storefront, but as neighboring stores closed and space became available, the business underwent five expansions. With the purchase of the Farrell-Sweeney building, Paul Rich & Sons now occupies the entire block and offers off-street parking behind the store. Tom’s wife Pam joined the business in 1995.

In 2008, a major renovation morphed our turn-of-the-century building into a magnificent 30,000-square-foot showroom space, three floors with a complete design center. A full-service home furnishings and design store on the cutting edge of ever-changing home fashions, providing customers with a unique opportunity to see a large selection of many styles of furniture, rugs, lighting, decorative accessories, handcrafted pieces and thousands of fabrics and finishes. Also, a comprehensive bedding selection is housed on our lower-floor showroom.

Meet Our Owners

Betty and Paul are no longer with us, but their vision lives on through Tom and Pam, who continue the tradition of bringing quality home furnishings and design with exceptional customer service to Berkshire County and beyond!

We offer our customer a unique opportunity to see a vast array of many styles of furniture, rugs, lighting, decorative accessories, handcrafted pieces and thousands of fabrics and finishes. We also have a comprehensive bedding selection housed in our lower-floor showroom. Our experienced design team provides complimentary design services, floor layout, color ideas and more. Our entire staff is devoted to customer service and an “old world” experience second to none. We also work with independent designers and their clients.

Tom Rich

Pam Rich

Warehouse/Delivery Services

We offer full-service warehouse and delivery services. Our in-house team provides professional customer care with each and every delivery. We deliver to Boston, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and beyond; our customers can expect the same professional delivery service on the road!

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Paul Rich & Sons has been a fixture on North Street in Pittsfield for nearly 40 years ... and it intends to stay that way


The home furnishings space has grown exponentially during the last 40 years due to the presence of home décor shows, do-it-yourselfers, high-end magazines and design influencers, Pam said. But Paul Rich provides a more traditional touch. "Unlike the big box stores, chains and online furniture businesses we offer a unique experience in our stores, one that is not readily found in today's world of retail furniture," she said. "We give our customers a chance to see, feel and touch our product.

Pittsfield: the city at the center

If you’re in the market for furniture, Paul Rich & Sons, also on North Street, has 30,000 square feet of floor space to look at, most of it American-made (and no assembly required).


A cornerstone of top-quality furniture in Pittsfield for 38 years

Harry Rich opened the Berkshire News in downtown Pittsfield in 1932, when his son Paul was five years old. When Paul was old enough, he worked there in the shop, which sold newspapers, tobacco, candy, and greeting cards for more than 40 years. Around the same time, Paul’s future father-in-law, Isadore Secunda, ran a business not too far away, selling furniture and delivering the goods by horse and buggy. He later moved locations, but Paul came back to that same spot at 242 North Street in 983 to open up what would become a Berkshire landmark furniture shop.


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Ruth Bass: Faded blue denim connects a long thread of good memories

The thread that ties this family to Paul Rich began its journey one afternoon in 1960 when a short, white-haired man named Isadore Secunda wanted to sell us a mattress...he jumped on the bed...then bounced off and invited me to try it.


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Everybody’s All American: Paul Rich & Sons

Tom Rich has been betting on North Street's renaissance for 27 years. When he and his parents, Paul and Betty Rich, opened their furniture store, Paul Rich & Sons, in 1983, "Pittsfield was still a GE town," recalls Rich.


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